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Getting Web Traffic from Mailing Lists

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Have you ever heard the saying – the money is in the list?  You will hear this often in marketing circles  with good reason.  When someone is on your mailing list you have the opportunity to reach with them with your message more than once.  Your goal might be to bring them back to your website.  You can also include affiliate links in your email.  How can you make sure your list opens your message and actually reads it?

The first step is to have a subject line that is interesting and catches their attention.  People receive spam in their email every day.  Make your title stand out.  Some ways to do this include creating a sense of urgency, using keywords that will capture their interest, or being specific about what they will read inside.

After someone opens your email you want them to keep reading.  You can do this be getting right to the point.  The content inside should be about the same length as you might see in a typical email.  Break long paragraphs into smaller easier to read sections.  If your email is too long people might move on before they finish hearing what you want to say.

The information inside should also be valuable to the reader.  Establish a relationship of trust with them.  Maybe you can make a point of always including a special offer, coupon code, or helpful hint every time you write.  Not only will this keep people reading, it will also encourage them to open your emails again in the future and stay on your mailing list.

Mailing lists can be a great source of traffic to your website.  You can let them know anytime you make a site update.  Many people will click through to see the new content you have added if they know it something they want to read.  You can also invite them to participate on your site by replying to a post, entering a contest, or adding their own content to a gallery or forum.

A mailing list can be a great way to get traffic to your website if you use it correctly.  It is one of the best ways to establish a relationship with your members and encourage them to become involved on your site.  Just remember to make sure each message you send out has value to your list.  This will ensure that people keep reading and visit your site again and again.

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