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Getting Web Traffic: A Guide on What NOT to Do

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Some people will do whatever it takes to get lots of  Web Traffic and make their sites popular.  There have even been some who will go to their own sites from various locations and proxies just to increase their visitor count. While everyone wants their website to grow and get exposure,  trying to get visitors in the wrong ways can actually hurt your site. What are some of these dangerous ways to get traffic – and what can you do instead?
Search Engine Optimization – Web Traffic
In an effort to bring visitors from search engines some people make deceptive changes to their website.
Sometimes they will use “hidden text” that is the same color as the background.  Another place people try to hide a list of keywords is at the very bottom of their site.  Loading a site with keywords in order to get search engine attention is called “keyword stuffing”.  This may bring attention, but it may not be the kind of attention you want.  You may find Google excluding your site from its results altogether.

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be done correctly.  Rather than focusing on keyword stuffing, focus on keyword density.  This is when the word you are targeting appears in your text only enough to sound natural.  You may want to aim for 3-5% keyword density.

Blog Commenting – Web Traffic

Many blogs let you leave comments after each post.  Often these comments allow you to leave a link to your website.  People have started taking advantage of this by using automated tools to comment on thousands of b

logs each day.  The comments they leave are generic and often the same on each site.  The problem with this method is that they do not add value to the blog’s owner or visitors.  Often your comments and links will be deleted.
If you are interested in getting backlinks from blogs for web traffic, search for blogs that are related to your website topic.  Read through a post and leave a thoughtful comment.  These types of comments are much more likely to stick and be a benefit to both you and the blog.

Forum Profile Backlinks – Web Traffic

When you join a forum they will often let you place a link to your site in your profile and/or signature.  This has tempted some people to make profiles on as many forums as possible.  Some people even add a post or reply that doesn’t contribute to the site discussion at all.  Site owners don’t want this kind of spam on their sites and will probably delete your posts.  They may even ban your profile or IP address.
You can find forums that are related to your site.  Join those and become a contributing member.  You can place a link in your profile, your signature, and sometimes even a post if it is helpful to the members there.

Conclusion- Web Traffic

There are right and wrong ways to get web traffic to your website.  Try to avoid methods that are deceptive and might actually get your site in trouble.  Focus on adding great content that your visitors AND search engines will appreciate. You will get great web traffic.

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